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Red Sugar Interior Design And Wedding Planner
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"We want you to arrange all our family events in future" - Mr. Abdullah father of bride Tonima and her family members. They appreciated us with their well wishes and blessings. The appreciation continued even for the programs followed in their family.

"We haven't seen such a disciplined Mezban earlier. It was amazing." - Salehuddin Haider Siddiqui, Advocate and Former President of Chittagong Bar Council. Besides the guests as well as the family members of late Jahanara Begum appreciated a lot for the event management.

"We will give all our next family programs to you. It's our commitment."- family of Mr. Babu the brother of bride. About 3000 fans are appreciating for the short film Extra Geometry.

"We can see only Red Sugar who can arrange our next programs. " - along with this enormous love and support of Juhy and her family on the occasion of Mehedi Night indicated endless recognition of Red Sugar's contribution.

" You will have all our next events' responsibility " - DJ Shahed and family.

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